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Navigus is planning for change that achieves social justice

Inequality in society is a growing modern challenge. But it is possible to shape our physical environment in a way that promotes diversity and ultimately empowers communities to secure socially just outcomes.

Navigus is helping authorities and developers plan for social good

Communities are linked with the space around them. How communities move around, interact with and view physical space ultimately defines whether that space ‘works’. This principle shapes effective planning and effective planning is a social good.

Navigus is working for the collective, not just the individual

Everyone should have the chance to benefit from the changes that are made to the space around them, not just the few with a vested financial interest. Successful communities shape their own futures.

Our work

Jelly Babies
Brokering collective engagement – Mistley Place Park

‘What would make you love Mistley Place Park?’ was the question we asked the communities of Mistley, Manningtree and Lawford in North Essex. A once great area of parkland with a rich heritage was being left to rot, the existing community farm sadly having gone into liquidation.
A developer was waiting in the wings with a suspicious and nervous community. We helped to broker an embryonic relationship with the developer so that he could appreciate the importance of a scheme capable of taking the community with him. So we asked the community the question about what would make people love Mistley Place Park (free jelly babies will get most people to talk) and were able to feed this into the development of the ongoing scheme that seeks to strike the balance between retaining and enhancing the environment of the Park whilst creating value.

Community Olympics
Bringing together new and old through community uses – East Wick and Sweetwater, Olympic Park/Hackney Wick

The London Legacy Development Corporation asked us to prepare a feasibility study for a new community building to support the development of the East Wick and Sweetwater neighbourhood on the Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park. The study explored the potential for the joint provision of a public library, academic library (to support Loughborough University’s campus at Here East), community centre and work/maker space. We explored the potential for each of the uses and how they would work together in a single building. The challenge is to ultimately provide a modern library, community space and workspace for the new community and the existing residents and businesses of Hackney Wick. Watch this space!

Green Fingers
Planning for the homes people need – various neighbourhood plans

Since 2010 we have provided support to numerous communities preparing neighbourhood plans. Whether in urban or rural areas, we have helped to guide them through the process, in particular ensuring that they engage properly with the community and nurture the relationship with developers to ensure that the plans provide a framework to deliver the aspirations of residents and businesses alike. Many of these plans have focused on housing development, the importance of delivering the types of homes that communities need and allocating sites that can maximise the potential to secure wider community benefits. Community growing spaces certainly are popular!

Our services

Place Engagement

We work with communities, developers and local authorities together to understand the requirements of place and to help deliver quality outcomes. We help communities to engage and bring them into the conversation so they are able to shape development and change.

Brokering solutions

We work with urban designers, architects and developers and mediate between key stakeholders to deliver plans that work for the communities that will experience them in their daily lives.

Plan making

We help communities prepare neighbourhood and community plans that effectively deliver on the requirements of the people and places they are made for. We also help local authorities to work more effectively with communities in their plan preparation.

Local needs

We undertake infrastructure, housing and employment assessments to establish the needs of communities. These are used to ensure that plans are created which deliver the range of development needed to be able to sustain diverse communities.

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About Us

Navigus is a planning consultancy that seeks to achieve social justice and broker positive change. Neighbourhood planning – support to neighbourhood forums, Community Planning – technical advice/training, Engagement – by communities, with local authorities and developers, and Infrastructure & Delivery – infrastructure/obligations assessments.

Navigus is looking to expand its activities into regenerative agriculture, bringing local communities closer to the land, ecology and the food that sustains them.

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